How to Cut Down on Energy Bills

Who doesn’t like to save big bucks on their utility bills? This is one thing that could serve as the highlight for most people’s expenditure during a month. Truth be told, receiving a bill that’s lower than the month before makes you a superior being in your own eyes. Here some of the doable ways you can successfully cut down on your energy bill.

Seal the House

Money leaks through cracks in your doors and windows. Seal these places DIY style with caulk, or hire a professional to take on the project. You may be spending a lot here, but it pays off eventually in the form of lower bills. One consumer report shows that sealing all leaks can help cut down a utility bill by as much as 15% to 30%, depending on the number of leaks and cracks.

Use Heat Generating Equipment Only at Night

If you are into baking, you should know that using the oven in the middle of the day only makes you turn up the air conditioner, which takes more energy. The same is the case with clothes dryer and dishwasher. You can always separate chores this way and divide your work between day and night to save money without really letting go of any utility.

You can always use appliances like crock pots to cook food in the day. Cookers use less energy and do not turn your kitchen into the scene of a boiling underworld. The only bad rap that slow cookers have is that they are the traditional way of cooking. You can make anything that you would want to in an oven in these.

If You Can Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Doing laundry with cold water saves you money on the energy it takes to heat water. In a year, an average household can save up to $152 on this. On top of that, do not forego air drying clothing. But you don’t have to do this if you have people with allergies in the house, in case its allergy season and allergens are present in the air.

Turn the Fan On

Fans can easily make a room feel cooler; it might be all you need instead of stacking up the cost of an air conditioner. Using fans can save one as much as $438 in a year, so if you have a broken fan you haven’t used in a while, get it fixed pronto.

Unplug Appliances that are Not in Use

Battery chargers are usually plugged in with the switch on even when they are not in use. This is because most people think they would be needed again in a while and they are not really wasting much energy. Newsflash: they are! The same goes for kitchen appliances that are never unplugged because they are used more than twice or thrice in a day by different people in the house.


Should You Sell Your Home Or Put It Up For Rent?

When you plan to move out of your house, you have to make a decision whether you want to sell or rent your property before you move.  In most cases, you need the money before moving out. Some people prefer to keep the old house for financial or practical uses, which is why people would rather rent out their old houses to generate a regular income.

Why Renting Your House Makes More Sense?

Renting out your old or current home is usually a better option especially when moving out for temporary reasons such as for work.You will always have the option of coming back to your old home whenever you want to, and you will also be getting regular income at the same time. Another reason why people prefer to rent out their homes is when it’s a good rental property and property prices are rising, you don’t need to sell your house in order to fund a new house for yourself; you get to keep the old house and also get an income by renting it out.

What Happens With Property Prices?

When it comes to property prices, when they raise this is obviously a huge financial advantage for the person who owns the home as they will be getting capital gains. But on the other hand, if prices begin to fall, then the old property’s value will go down and this would leave people with the option of just selling it instead to get some money out of it. This is usually a short term plan. But in the long run, property prices eventually always rise and so does the economy and income. So, if you plan to keep your property on rent, property prices will rise soon enough.

What Factors Should You Consider When You Are Deciding To Sell Or Rent Your House?

One of the toughest decisions to make is whether you want to sell your house or rent it out, when you are planning to move out of your home and move into a new one. There are certain factors that play a part in this decision making process. Some of these factors are:

  • What your future home plans are
  • What your financial situation is like
  • What the market conditions for rental homes are like in our local area
  • What kind of tolerance you have for becoming a landlord
  • What the state and federal income taxes are like at the current time
  • What your current and expected prices will be for your home

Tips To Assess Whether You Want To Sell or Rent Your Home

Here are some useful tips that will help you decide whether you should sell your home or rent it out, and what would be the better option for you depending on your current financial situation and the market economy.

  • You need to get an estimate of what your current market conditions are like
  • You need to take into consideration what the long term view of your locality will be like
  • You will need to settle on a property price for your old home, whether you plan to sell it or rent it out
  • You will need to evaluate your cash flow
  • If you plan to rent it out, you need to get your old house in a condition for people to rent it out and live in

Your guide to getting a car loan with Bad Credit

A person’s credit history is basically an overview of their financial dealings. It represents their misdemeanours financially and also outlines how successfully they have been able to manage their credit card payments and debts. Unfortunately, keeping your credit maintained and up to date is not everyone’s cup of tea. People can often neglect their credit rating and end up facing the consequences of their action later in life.

Bad Credit Can Limit Your Options

One of the biggest disadvantages of bad credit is that it decreases the chances of the person availing different financial options from established lending agencies. For example, if you are looking to buy a car through car finance, lending agencies will be reluctant to lend their money to a person with a bad credit history. This can limit the options of car loan available to you.

Fortunately, the sheer number of people with bad credit has meant that financial institutions have now introduced car loans that cater specifically to people with a bad credit. This article takes a look at car loans that are offered to people with a bad credit rating.

What is a Bad Credit Car Loan?

Car Loans are simply loans that you take for the purchase of a car, whereby the car is kept as collateral for the loan. In case the payments for the car are not made on schedule the lender has the option of taking the car into their custody, selling it off and repaying the loan. Any amount surplus to the loan amount on the car is handed over to the owner of the car. Bad credit Car loans are similar to normal car loans only the interest rate being charged on the loan is often higher than normal owing to the risk involved in lending to someone with a bad credit.

How to Get a Car Loan?

Getting a car loan is important if you are in need of a car. Here are a few steps to outline how to get a car loan.

·         Look Around

Bad credit is a recurring problem which is why more and more financial institutions are offering loans to their clients in spite of their financial history. The key to getting a bad credit loan is to make sure that you look around and search the market for the best car loans.

·         Fill in the Form

Once you have chosen the place you are looking to get the bad credit car loan from, you need to fill in the form. This is the most important part. The form is also called a loan application where you will be asked to fill in your financial details, your personal details, your loan status and the length and amount of loan being sought. The loan application will determine whether or not you are allowed to buy a car, make sure you fill in the proper details.

Getting a car loan with a bad credit isn’t as hard, as long as you are able to find the right institution and convince them of your commitment to repay the loan.


What a day

Hi there and welcome to my blog. I love fashion, wine, and music… so if this isn’t your thing then I’m afraid you’re gonna have to find a different blog–sorry.

What I actually wanted to write about today was something that I saw on the way to work. So, I’m walking along the sidewalk and a sports car comes rolling up… real slow. It was bright orange… but I’m not sure what make or model it was–I’m not very good with cars. Let’s just say… that it looked really expensive. Kinda like a Ferrari… but not a Ferrari. Does that even make sense? I don’t know. Anyway… A young kid on his skate board slides past me and goes to cross the road. He cuts in front of the orange sports car that abruptly slams on the brakes and beeps his horn. The driver then flips the bird at the kid! I thought this was waaaay over the top… but what can you do? So… what does the kid do? He grabs his board and ‘WHACK!’ thumps it on the windscreen which cracks like and egg!! Holy Moly! I’ve never seen someone run so fast. The kid is off like a shot as the passenger scrambles to get out of the car and after him. The driver is sat there wondering what to do… he can’t see out of the windscreen I guess. So he parks up a couple meters down the road.

I wasn’t sure whether I should go up to the guy and give him a hug or to point and laugh. The latter would have been grossly inappropriate… so I just stared. I then figured… if you’ve got enough money to drive a car like that… then you’re going to have enough money to repair it. So… i was a little less concerned than I originally was.

I continued walking for a few more minutes where I see two guys jump the fence between two houses. It’s the skateboard kid and his pursuer! The kid lands on the drive followed by the car’s passenger. The kid lands awkwardly and stumbles to regain his balance as he moves across the lawn. The car’s passenger has a clean landing and gains on the kid before tackling him to the ground! Holy C@!p! They both scramble together on the grass before the guy manages to work his way on top of the kid and straddle him on his knees. He raises his arm above his head as to punch the kid before, out of nowhere, a man (probably the house’s owner, tackles the car’s passenger, knocking him off of the kid, who then runs away. The orange car then pulls up to find the two men grappling on the ground and the young lad several is meters away by now.

What a morning!