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What a day

Hi there and welcome to my blog. I love fashion, wine, and music… so if this isn’t your thing then I’m afraid you’re gonna have to find a different blog–sorry.

What I actually wanted to write about today was something that I saw on the way to work. So, I’m walking along the sidewalk and a sports car comes rolling up… real slow. It was bright orange… but I’m not sure what make or model it was–I’m not very good with cars. Let’s just say… that it looked really expensive. Kinda like a Ferrari… but not a Ferrari. Does that even make sense? I don’t know. Anyway… A young kid on his skate board slides past me and goes to cross the road. He cuts in front of the orange sports car that abruptly slams on the brakes and beeps his horn. The driver then flips the bird at the kid! I thought this was waaaay over the top… but what can you do? So… what does the kid do? He grabs his board and ‘WHACK!’ thumps it on the windscreen which cracks like and egg!! Holy Moly! I’ve never seen someone run so fast. The kid is off like a shot as the passenger scrambles to get out of the car and after him. The driver is sat there wondering what to do… he can’t see out of the windscreen I guess. So he parks up a couple meters down the road.

I wasn’t sure whether I should go up to the guy and give him a hug or to point and laugh. The latter would have been grossly inappropriate… so I just stared. I then figured… if you’ve got enough money to drive a car like that… then you’re going to have enough money to repair it. So… i was a little less concerned than I originally was.

I continued walking for a few more minutes where I see two guys jump the fence between two houses. It’s the skateboard kid and his pursuer! The kid lands on the drive followed by the car’s passenger. The kid lands awkwardly and stumbles to regain his balance as he moves across the lawn. The car’s passenger has a clean landing and gains on the kid before tackling him to the ground! Holy C@!p! They both scramble together on the grass before the guy manages to work his way on top of the kid and straddle him on his knees. He raises his arm above his head as to punch the kid before, out of nowhere, a man (probably the house’s owner, tackles the car’s passenger, knocking him off of the kid, who then runs away. The orange car then pulls up to find the two men grappling on the ground and the young lad several is meters away by now.

What a morning!